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One Last Recruiting Review - SI's Andy Staples Re Ranks 2007

SI's Andy Staples re ranked the recruiting classes of 2007 last week. The week before that I had done several Q&A's with some of the top bloggers around the South for their take on how their teams 2007 class panned out.

Mr. Staples has Florida ranked number one after the fact for their '07 class and who can blame him with stars like Joe Haden, Aaron Hernandez, and Carlos Dunlap providing the back bone for the 2008 national championship team.

At number three is the first surprise (I am not going to comment on Boise at #2 because we all know they couldn't win big in BCS conference every year) is Georgia Tech at number three.

This seems a little high to me. When discussing this class with the guys at From The Rumble Seat, they had glowing things to say about it, but I just think you have to accomplish more than just one conference title for a top five ranking. I think somewhere in the 5 to 10 range would have been more appropriate.

Virginia comes in at number seven which seems about right. The Hokies were ranked 29th by Rivals in 2007 and I asked Gobbler Country why Va. Tech is always rated so low, yet their on the field performance is usually top ten at the end of the season?

Alabama rounded at the top 10 and it is probably solely because of Rolando McClain, the defensive captain of the national champion Crimson Tide. But Roll 'Bama Roll felt this class was largely forgettable outside of the McClain.

After signing day in 2007, Rivals had Tennessee, LSU, South Carolina, Auburn, and Georgia all ranked in their top 10, but none made Staples re rank (LSU was close he said)

Leftover Hot Dog provided some insight for me into why the Gamecock class has not panned out
yet. Remember, this was the class that finally brought Steve Spurrier his QB in Columbia - Stephen Garcia. South Carolina signed another highly touted prospect, RB Marcus Lattimore, this year. Lets check back in a few years and see how he turns out.

The 2007 class not living up to expectations may have been the down fall for Tommy Tuberville at Auburn. The Tigers were back in the top 10 this year under Gene Chizik. What is Chizik doing differently? I asked War Blog Eagle for their thoughts on Auburn recruiting.

And the esteemed Senator Blutarsky chimed on UGA's 2007 class.

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