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Virginia Tech Recruiting Review With Hokie Blogger Gobbler Country

The Virginia Tech Hokies have won at least ten games for the past six seasons. Only the Texas Longhorns can match that kind of consistency.

But that level of success begins on signing day where Virginia Tech has been able to recruit kids who fit the Hokie philosophy. Frank Beamer usually never has his recruiting class ranked at the top, but he usually has his team there at the end of the season.

To get some better insight into the Hokies recruiting, I spoke with the Virginia Tech blog Gobbler Country.

Q: The 2007 class was ranked 25th and 29th by Scout and Rivals, but that is not a huge surprise since VT does not usually have highly ranked classes. Why do you think it appears VT's classes are consistently under ranked when you look at the on field performance?

A: It's because Tech goes after guys who fit their program and fit the philosophy that's worked for them. They go after hard-working guys and find a lot of diamonds in the rough that way. Tech isn't an elite program yet, so they haven't been able to get the elite players that make headlines. Maybe that will change down the road, but for now there's no point in fixing something that isn't broken.

Q: Who were the biggest surprises of this class?

A: I'd say the biggest surprise is Danny Coale. You look at him and you don't think the guy can be a D1 receiver. But he embodies the "more with less" trend that we've seen with a lot of Virginia Tech classes. He came in, worked hard and became one of Tyrod Taylor's main targets because he just finds a way to get open.

Q: What about the biggest disappointments?

A: I'm tempted to say Josh Oglesby because he hasn't been able to do in games what he's shown in practice. But
with guys like Evans and Williams in the backfield it's tough for anyone to see playing time. Instead I'll go with Hunter Ovens. He's a 3/4* guy from Florida who likely won't see the field this year.

Q: Do you think Tyrod Taylor has lived up to his 5 star billing?

A: Not yet, but after the improvement he showed as a junior I think he can do that his senior year.

Q: How will this class be remembered by Virginia Tech fans?

A: It'll be remembered as a solid, hard-working class. A lot of their legacy will be written this upcoming year.

Q: What are some of the recruiting advantages for the Hokies?

A: The coaching staff continuity, playing in a BCS conference, a consistent winner.

Q: What about some disadvantages that causes recruits to go elsewhere?

A: Ever been to Blacksburg? While I love the place, it takes a certain kind of person to be willing to live there for four to five years.

Q: Is there a particular area of the state of Virginia that the Hokies like to recruit?

A: Tha 757. That number designation refers to the area code of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia which has produced players like the Vicks, Tyrod Taylor and a host of defensive stars.

Q: What about outside the state, where does Va. Tech make a second home recruiting?

A: Recently we've been getting a lot of recruits from Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, Fla. Brandon Flowers, David Clowney and Jayron Hosley came from there. 2010 signee Mark Leal played there.

My Thoughts on Virginia Tech Recruiting:
The Hokies staff is some of the best talent evaluators in college football. You hardly ever here about Virginia Tech reeling in a top recruit, but their on the field success is remarkable, especially over the last six years.

Virginia Tech does have a good talent within the state to recruit, but most convince kids to come to the mountains and Blacksburg. Still, the Hokies have been able to pull many kids from the Hampton, Virginia area an underrated hot bed for talent.

I don't doubt that Virginia Tech will have continued success from September to November over many of the teams ranked ahead of them in the recruiting rankings each February.

Thanks again to Gobbler Country for their insight.

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