Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kentucky-Wake Forest Prediction: Cousins, McFarland Prepare For Rumble

DeMarcus Cousins better watch out for Chas McFarland's right hook

#1 Kentucky vs #9 Wake Forest
East Region
New Orleans, LA
7:15 ET

We get our first ACC vs SEC matchup in round two when Wake Forest tries to knock off number one seed Kentucky.

The Wildcats cruised to an opening round win over East Tennessee and then watched an OT thriller with Ish Smith and the Deacons pulling out a one point win over Texas.

This game has two matchups I am very interested in watching. The first is John Wall vs Smith at the point guard. These two are probably the fastest ball handlers from baseline to baseline. Both are the catalysts for their teams, but can also be lulled into dribbling too much and not penetrating.

The second, and it may be more exciting than the first, is DeMarcus Cousins vs Chas McFarland. I know you are probably like “what the heck?” but hear me out on this on.

Cousins is by far the better talent, but we all know he can be a bit of a hot head. McFarland is Bill Laimbeer junior playing without abandon underneath the basket.

Chas may lead the nation in technical fouls drawn. I saw him draw a technical foul from Georgia Tech this year because he just walked into the Jackets player huddle and someone pushed him out. Chas was also involved in rumble in the jungle at Clemson Either way, I think McFarland is going to try and get under Cousins skin early and often.

Potential fights aside, Kentucky is listed as a 9 point favorite over Wake. Sorry, I could not find any odds on a McFarland-Cousins bout.

Barring a Cousins meltdown and a poor performance by Wall, I see John Calipari’s club advancing to the Sweet 16.

Pick: Kentucky

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