Friday, April 30, 2010

BCS Championship Odds: Alabama And Who Else?

The early odds have been out for a while now, but are now changing more frequently as action picks up with the end of spring practice changing depth charts. Here is a quick look at the updated odds to win the 2011 BCS Championship.

Top 6
Alabama 4.5:1
Ohio State 5:1
Florida 10:1
Boise State 12:1
USC 12:1
Nebraska 12:1

A little surprised Alabama is not higher. The gap between them and Ohio State is not very much at all. Boise State looks great right now but I see their odds rising the closer we get to the season. Nebraska tied for fourth is interesting considering they lost Suh.

Rest of the SEC:
LSU 25:1
Arkansas 30:1
Georgia 50:1
Auburn 80:1
All Others 100:1

The Razorbacks are a chic pick in the SEC this season and gamblers are following suit.

Virginia Tech 15:1
Miami 30:1
Georgia Tech 50:1
Florida State 75:1
North Carolina 80:1
All Others 100:1

Va Tech's schedule will vault them into the title game if they go undefeated. Miami is a popular team with a brash following so I am not surprised to see them fairly high.

Other Notables:
Texas 15:1
Oregon 25:1
Iowa 30:1
Oklahoma 30:1
Penn State 50:1
Notre Dame 80:1
Field 100:1

I think Oregon is way too high without Jeremiah Masoli. The QB is so important to the spread option attack. I like Iowa as a sleeper pick at 30:1. They are not flashy and will not grab a lot of attention from casual bettors. Notre Dame listed above the field is strictly pandering to the ever optimistic Irish fan base.

Slideshow of teams from the AJC (they have slightly different odds for some reason).

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  1. I totally agree about Iowa. If I had to pick one sleeper National Championship team it would be them. They will be tremendous defensively.

    I also think Boise St. can make a very strong case to get in the national title game if they go undefeated. If they get by Non-conference games with Virginia TEch and Oregon St who are 2 of their first 3 games, they will run the table. The idea of mid-major playing for title is getting closer, as evidenced even by the odds.

  2. If Boise goes undefeated and there is only 1 undefeated BCS Conf. Champion, I would like to see Boise in the BCS title game.

    That way they can finally put up or shut up.


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