Friday, April 9, 2010

SEC Baseball Q&A With The College Baseball Blog

LSU is looking to defend the national title

In case you have not noticed, the college baseball season is underway and moving into the meat of the conference schedule.

Brian Foley, Editor of The College Baseball Blog, answered some questions about how the SEC is progressing and how he thinks the conference will do in the post season.

Q: Eight teams are ranked right now in the SEC. Are they best top to bottom conference in the country?
A: Absolutely as Kentucky knocked off Louisville this week and the Wildcats are unranked.

Q: Is LSU's strong start a surprise? I see you had them 3rd in the West in the preseason?
A: Nope, LSU played a very weak non-conference schedule and has started the SEC portion of the schedule with 2 one-run wins over Arkansas, a sweep of Tennessee, and taking two out of three against a bad Georgia program.

Q: Is Georgia the most disappointing team in the league thus far?
A: Yep, and that is an understatement.

Q: The West looks very strong with four teams in the top 20. Who do you see coming out on top?
A: I think Arkansas will take it by the end of the year as LSU is still not at the top of their game.

Q: Florida likes the top team in the East right now, but who could make a run at the Gators for a top seed in the SEC Tournament?
A: South Carolina is the only team that I can make an argument for to give the Gators a run for their money in the division. Vanderbilt had a tough series in Gainesville this past weekend which put them behind the 8-ball to take the division from the Gators.

Q: Who is player and coach of the year at this point?
A: Player of the Year: Drew Smyly of Arkansas
Coach of the Year: John Pawlowski of Auburn

Q: Is there a coach on the hot seat who needs to make the SEC Tournament and/or the NCAA Tournament?
A: N/A as I don't think anyone is at that level right now since all the new coaches are doing fine and Coach Perno isn't in that much trouble yet.

Q: How many teams do you see tournament bound and which ones will be hosting regionals?
A: I see the SEC getting either 7 or 8 teams in the tourney this year with South Carolina, Florida, Vanderbilt, LSU, Arkansas, Auburn, and Alabama with Mississippi State being a question right now

Q: How many teams do you see making it to Omaha?
A: I say we see three SEC teams in Omaha with Florida, Arkansas, and LSU making the trip

Brian and his staff have a weekend preview up for the SEC matchups
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