Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zach Mettenberger's Dismissal Ends The QB Competition At Georgia

Zach Mettenberger will not be handing off for Georgia this season

I was just getting ready to write a story about how Georgia's Spring Practice may have created more questions than it answered.

And then this story broke.

All of sudden the UGA QB battle got a lot thinner and Aaron Murray better win it in the fall. The redshirt freshman from Florida was thought to be the leader heading into the Spring. But the staff in Athens was largely tight lipped as to who was leading the battle.

Logan Gray had the most experience of the three, but could not beat out Joe Cox last year in one of the worst years by a UGA quarterback in recent memory.

But it was Zach Mettenberger who impressed the most in the spring game going six for ten with 150 yards passing.

The redshirt freshman bounced back from a rough beginning to spring practice where he was arrested near Valdosta in an alcohol related offense.

Shortly after his arrest, Head Coach Mark Richt announced Mettenberger would be suspended for at least the first game of the season. It was thought at that time that Murray would assume the starting position. But after Mettenberger's performance on G-Day the debate raged on as to who should be under center.

His dismissal clearly opens the door for Murray to become the starter. But a statement by Richt he wants to be more involved in the QB meetings this season is a reason for pause.

Why would the head coach need to step back into the meetings after handing over control to OC Mike Bobo back in 2006? Richt says it is because he misses the coaching aspect with QBs. My gut tells me he not completely happy about what transpired last year and feels with another first year starter some things need to change at the position.

How good the highly touted Murray is remains to be seen. If he struggles, then UGA may have lean on Gray who spent most of last year returning punts.

But then again, if the Bulldogs run the ball like they did in their final two games of 2009 they may not need a quarterback.

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  1. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Must be something pretty serious with his mother working for the athletic department. It will be very interesting to find out what really happened. I read an artical that said Zac would not give a comment. Wonder if his mother will comment tomorrow. And hope yall report it. Very interesting

  2. I have read rumors of all sorts. My somewhat educated guess is that he was given boundaries not to cross again after the first incident in Valdosta and he crossed them recently.

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    He assaulted a woman when he was arrested.

  4. That is the jist of what I heard on Atlanta radio yesterday.

    Something about guys whose last names end in 'berger' and bars and women in Georgia...


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