Saturday, May 22, 2010

10 Teams The ACC Should Consider Adding In Expansion

If the Big 10's mega conference expansion plan goes through you can expect a ripple effect throughout the rest of the BCS.

The SEC will surely look to expand and keep their edge on the Big 10 and that could very well mean plucking a few teams from their neighbor the ACC.

So where should the ACC go to keep up? Here are 10 schools I think should be high on the ACC's list.

10. Navy
The Midshipmen are a great geographical and academic fit for the ACC. Their football team has beaten several BCS conference teams over the last few years and would relish getting to play teams like Maryland and Virginia every year. However, the Mids lack of basketball prowess could put them out.

9. Cincinnati
The Bearcats have a budding football program and have shown the ability in the past to field a good basketball team. Also, Cincinnati brings a large, secondary TV market with it. UC has also shown the willingness to move jumping to the Big East a few years back.

8. Louisville
The Cardinals would bring the ACC another top notch basketball program. The 'Ville has had recent success in football too winning a BCS bowl in the last five years. Adding the Cardinals would give the ACC the largest TV market in Kentucky.

7. Rutgers
The Scarlett Knights are everyone's new media darling being the closest program to the biggest TV market in the country, New York. And TV money is driving everything in expansion these days.

6. Kentucky
The Wildcats would bring a third dominant basketball program and make the ACC by far the best basketball conference in the nation. Can you imagine Duke and Kentucky or UNC and Kentucky meeting twice per year? For those reasons UK would be higher on the list, but it is unlikely they would leave the SEC money on the table.

5. UConn
The Huskies basketball program would bolster an already talented league and surely vault the ACC over the Big East. UConn's football program has been improving and would give Boston College a natural NE rival.

4. Syracuse
Despite what many say, Syracuse is the team that moves the needle the most in New York. Madison Square Garden is a home away from home for the Orange. Syracuse was on the ACC's original list in '04 and would be at the top again if not for a failing football program.

3. Pitt
The Panthers bring credibility in both major sports playing near the top of the Big East for the last several years. Also, the ACC would gain a foothold in a secondary TV market like Pittsburgh.

2. West Virginia
The Mountaineers have fielded very high quality teams in football and basketball recently and could start up rivalries again with current ACC members Virginia Tech, Maryland, and Virginia. Despite a lack of TV markets within the state, WVU has a large and very rabid fan base up and down the east coast.

1. South Florida
If the ACC loses Miami and Florida State to the SEC, then the conference has to regain a foothold of some kind in the Sunshine State. The up and coming Bulls program would allow the ACC to remain relevant in the best state for recruiting in the Eastern US.

Who would be your top choices for ACC expansion?

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  1. Interesting list. I think you've named just about all of the resonable candidates. If I had a choice of three teams, I'd go in this order.

    1) Syracuse - NY Area, strong bball program, good fball in the past, fairly close to Boston College. They won't be isolated.

    2) Louisville - strong bball program, recently good fball. Reasonably close to rest of conference.

    3) South Florida - If Miami and FSU would stay, adding South Florida would give the ACC 3 of the top 4 Sports programs in Florida.


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