Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dan Mullen And "That School Up North"

Dan Mullen has sights beyond the Egg Bowl for the Bulldogs in 2010

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen was on the Paul Finebaum Radio Show last week and talked with Paul for almost an hour about Miss State's program, Urban Meyer's situation, and the SEC in general. He even took some calls from listeners which is very unusual for a coach to do.

But the highlight of the interview was clearly the call from a listener asking Mullen on his use of the phrase "the school up north" referring to in state rival Ole Miss. The clearly agitated caller asked the Bulldog head coach if those words were just a shtick.

Mullen's response is somewhat tongue in cheek, but it reinforces the stance he has had since he took over in Starkville. The first year head coach was not shy about proclaiming how important the Egg Bowl was. He delivered in year one with a 41-27 win over "the school up north".

Miss State tried to stick it to the people in Oxford again this Spring with their spring game attendance of 34,127.

Mullen has not been shy about his expectations for this season either. He wants to win the West although he is aware of how difficult his road schedule is. Making a bowl game in year two is clearly on the radar.

“I would be disappointed in the season if we don’t make a bowl game, even though I know our expectations are higher than that,” Mullen said.

The rivalries are what makes SEC football fans so passionate and even one under the national radar like the Egg Bowl are 365 days a year as the Rebel fan and Miss State on a Thursday afternoon in April.

Beginning of interview [starts about 9:30]

Ole Miss fan vs Mullen

Dan Mullen to the State faithful after the 2009 Egg Bowl win

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