Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Morning Links

FedEx is endings its 21 year sponsorship with the Orange Bowl. Not terribly surprising considering the lack of national appeal the matchup has had the last few seasons.

Denard Robinson is the favorite for the Michigan starting job. Some are saying he may be better than Pat White at this stage. He needs to be to save Rich Rodriguez’s job.

Heather Dinich’s post spring ACC power rankings. Don’t worry, she’ll be wrong as usual

Chris Low does the same for the SEC. Not sure about his accuracy level.

Q&A with Christian LeMay, one of the top ranked QBs. He is not going to sit for three year. You hear that Aaron Murray.

Kentucky’s basketball teams had the worst GPA on campus. Surprised? Danny Jett debates academics for future pros.

Sign of the times: Virginia’s new head coach Mike London commits secondary violation by posting on a recruit’s Facebook wall. Private messages are allowed just not wall posts.

Missouri and four other’s to the Big 10 according to South Bend TV station.

Alabama and Florida’s success puts CBS atop the college football TV ratings

Here is one I have not heard before…Kentucky to the Big 10?

NCAA’s new recruiting rule shuts down Auburn’s Tiger Prowl. I am sure teams will come up with something new to circumvent the NCAA.

Georgia Tech assistant basketball coach leaving for D-II job. The next hire will be critical for Paul Hewitt’s long term success.

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