Thursday, May 27, 2010

SEC Expansion: 5 Teams Deserving Consideration In Expansion

The SEC Spring Meetings ended Thursday in Destin, Fl and a subject high on the discussion list of school presidents and athletic directors was the possibility of expansion.

The SEC is likely only to expand if the Big 10 goes to 16 teams, but with Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney floating a new rumor every week who know what is going to happen.

If the landscape of the BCS changes dramatically then Commissioner Mike Slive needs to act quickly.

Here are the five most likely options in an SEC expansion scenario.

5. Georgia Tech
The Yellow Jackets were charter members of the SEC in 1933 and continued in the conference until 1963. In 31 seasons, Tech won the conference five times. That total is just one less than current members Ole Miss and Auburn.

The overall sports program has more in common with the SEC having strong football, basketball, and baseball teams while lacking in some of the mid Atlantic sports found in the ACC.

Two of Ga. Tech's most played rivals are in the SEC (Georgia and Auburn) and the Yellow Jackets continued a series with Tennessee also after leaving the conference.

Tech could bring the entire Atlanta market and state of Georgia into the SEC, though both are already dominated by Georgia.

4. Miami
The Hurricanes history in football speaks for itself with five national titles. Miami would bring the growing South Florida television market into the fold as well.

Bringing Miami in would also give the SEC another team in the rich recruiting state of Florida.

One area of concern is the lack of fan and alumni support in down to mediocre times like recently when Miami has drawn half full crowds at home.

3. Florida State
The Seminoles made the jump to the ACC in 1992 and quickly dominated the conference winning the conference title their first nine seasons.

FSU's entry would make the in state rivalry with Florida also a conference game.

Like Miami, Florida State also brings in respectable basketball and football programs. But the 'Noles enjoy a much more vibrant and consistent following than the 'Canes.

2. Texas A&M
The Aggies entry would give the nation's top conference a slice of the biggest football state in the country.

By themselves the Aggies do not bring a whole lot new to the SEC, but if the number one team on the list joins then the state of Texas would make sure A&M comes along.

1. Texas
Adding the Longhorns would mean bringing in arguably the top sports program in the country especially in the three major sports of football, basketball, and baseball.

Texas would also give you a large share of two huge television markets in Dallas and Houston.

Conference expansion is about revenue and that means fans in seats and watching on television. There is no other program that can give you the revenue impact Texas would.

What other teams would you consider adding to the SEC?

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