Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Links: Marcus Thornton Commits To UGA

The Chick Fil A Kickoff Classic is still very interested in having Georgia in the game but don't expect it happening for a few more years

Where to point the finger for the astronomical rise in assistant coaches salaries? Where else but the SEC.

Nick Saban does not expect much sympathy from opponents changing their schedule to give the Tide a break. I doubt he would want it any other way.

The North Carolina schools dominate in basketball, but have fallen short on the gridiron when it comes to winning ACC championships.

The Citrus Bowl wants to get into the opening weekend neutral site business but has already been turned down by Notre Dame and FSU. Why would the Seminoles turn it down is my question?

Will anyone at Maryland actually pull the trigger on the beleaguered Ralph Friedgen


Big Ten is learning from expansion history studying the ACC's failures.

The ACC could get a second crack at expansion, but must do it right this time.

Tony Barnhart thinks expansion (which is really consolidation IMO) in college football moves us further away from a playoff. And I agree.

One of the last big recruits signed with Georgia on Wednesday. The Bulldogs are shaping up very nicely for next season and could make some noise in the NCAA Tournament.

Marcus Thornton's committment to UGA makes national news's latest mock NBA Draft has two Georgia Tech early entries going in the first round. What Paul Hewitt wouldn't give to have one of them back for next season.

Why does everyone hate Duke is pondered by Blue vs Blue (UNC, Duke site)

From Old Virginia previews a critical ACC baseball series with Miami this weekend.

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