Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Links: Marcus Thornton Update, Georgia Tech to the SEC?, Aaron Murray YouTube

Nike rewards Alabama’s National Title handsomely

ESPN outbids Fox for another college football gig

Virginia tries out their version of HBO's Hard Knocks

Mark Richt urges concerned UGA fans to watch high school tape of Aaron Murray

Why an ACC rule could take Marcus Thornton out of the picture for Georgia Tech

Tony Barnhart asks if Georgia Tech would move back to the SEC

Chris Low breaks what players will unexpectedly not be returning to SEC squads this year

Why Georgia Tech’s staff is loaded this fall

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  1. I thought Georgia Tech had a great shot with Thornton until I read that transfer rule. I really think it punishes kids when a coach leaves and they can't go where they want. I feel you committ not only to a school but also a coach. It's a shame for the Jackets, but I think he ends up at Georgia.

  2. I think if there wasn't the possibility of sitting out a year that Thornton would be going to GT no doubt. The fact that he is still considering them says a lot.

    Outside of the Yellow Jackets, I could see it going any way.

  3. One source has Thornton making his announcement Wednesday (tomorrow) at Noon.

    My pick is Alabama.


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