Thursday, May 27, 2010

UGA Basketball Is Turning Heads In Recruiting, Can Georgia Tech Keep Up?

Julian Royal, a top basketball prospect for 2011, is considering UGA, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest among others. The AJC continues the story with quotes from his coach on why these three are leading the pack.

When the AJC’s Mr. Georgia Basketball (Westlake’s Marcus Thornton) picked UGA last week, Thornton said he hoped it would encourage Georgia’s other elite basketball prospects to consider playing for the Bulldogs.
Royal has around 40 major-college offers. Why those three?

“With Georgia, I just think [Mark Fox] has done outstanding work there,” Boyd said. “They got Marcus Thornton, which really turned a lot of heads. That was very impressive. Georgia is an up-and-coming program and a state school.

“Georgia Tech is close to home, in the ACC, and they have sent a lot of guys to the NBA.

“Wake has always been a school highly interested in Julian, even with the coaching change.”

Boyd said that Royal is also taking looks at Alabama, Virginia Tech, Clemson and Virginia. “He has not really made any decision [narrowing down schools yet]. He hasn’t given me a list. But those three — Georgia, Wake and Tech — are the three schools I keep hearing about the most during our conversations.”
I think the length of the comment on UGA and Fox is telling to why more top prospects are considering UGA. He turned heads his first year not necessarily by the number of wins but how big the difference was in competitiveness versus the prior years.

I think this year is extremely critical for Paul Hewitt. He had a major whiff in recruiting this year and is not seen as an up and coming coach anymore after several disappointing seasons of late.

Despite winning just 5 games in the SEC, sometimes it is good to be the new kid on the block and it certainly helped that Fox’s squad beat Georgia Tech last year.

Hewitt never had to worry that much about Georgia when Dennis Felton was in Athens, but it certainly appears now he has an in state battle on his hands. Hewitt needs a win over UGA this year or he could be playing second fiddle for the near future

Full piece on Royal in the AJC

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