Friday, May 28, 2010

UGA President Adams Calls Out Football As Reason Athletics Are Slipping

AD Damon Evans brought up the disappointing year at the Athletic Association’s Spring Meeting on Thursday

Georgia currently sits 25th in the Director’s Cup Standings and that does not include baseball which certainly will not help. The last time UGA finished outside the top 20 was 1997.

School President Michael Adams was there as well and didn’t do himself any favors by further expounding his [lack of] knowledge college athletics or public relations.

"It's not been our best year on the field, but I hope in some areas we have a
better year next year," university president Michael Adams told the board at The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort. "I'm not going to single out any sports, but some sports that usually do very well didn't have the kind of banner years that we've come to expect."
Don’t worry Dr. Adams we know who you are talking about.

UGA still finished second in the SEC All-Sports Trophy this year.

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