Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yes, Athletes Do Pay Attention To What You Say About Them (Georgia Tech's Anthony Allen Responds To Heather Dinich)

ESPN's ACC Blogger Heather Dinich is posting video blogs for each teams best/worse case scenario for the upcoming season.

In her Georgia Tech video she said the Yellow Jackets best case scenario did not involve a repeat of an ACC Championship.

Jacket fans should not be surprised as Dinich has never appeared to fully jump on their bandwagon.

Somehow I don't think Paul Johnson cares that much what Dinich thinks and may even like the doubting of ESPN's blogger.

But the best part was B-Back Anthony Allen's response to Dinich.

Don't ever believe an athlete when they say they don't pay attention to the media and what is said about them. They do. And probably 10 times more than a regular fan does now with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Original GT Best/Worse Case Video

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  1. Does Joshua Nesbitt look intimidating or what?

    Great video. Some people hate Dinich, I think she's fine, but she picks against GT alot. Good they could have fun with it.

  2. Dinich has never been real high on GT, but best case scenario of not repeating sounds off to me.

    Don't see how GT's best case scenario could be worse than Clemson or FSU.


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