Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Friday Thoughts On Conference Expansion

1. The Pac 10 adds Utah to make 12 teams. The Big 10 adds Nebraska for 12. And the Big 12 saves itself by adding TCU and Houston to make 12. But…

2. The Big 12’s future all depends on what Texas does. The Longhorns have said they would like to keep the Big 12 intact, but they don’t seem to be doing a whole to make that happen. How about sharing revenue equally to start with?

3. So where is Texas’ next move? Well, the SEC sure is being quiet on expansion which means two things to me: They are planning a huge move that involves Texas and A&M and either the Oklahoma schools or the Florida schools (FSU and Miami) OR They are going to be reactionary and only make a move to 16 if everyone else does. When you are on top you don’t have to make the first move always.

4. I think the second option is the more likely of the two because Texas wants to dictate the control in whatever conference they are in and the SEC will not go along. The Longhorns want their own network and they want a bigger share of revenue than everyone else. The SEC already has a huge deal with ESPN and there is no way Alabama, Florida, and the rest of the league are giving up revenue to get Texas.

5. Of all the teams, poor little Iowa State has the most to lose. Their state is already split between two conferences and they don’t bring much to the table in football or basketball anyways.

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  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    The ACC should not sit back here and wait--they should invite South Florida and Central Florida and own the Florida market. They would have teams in the North, Middle, and South Florida markets. They would then have 4 Florida teams to balance the 4 N.C. teams.


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