Sunday, June 6, 2010

ACC Baseball Falls Flat on Sunday Especially Against The SEC

A combined 2-5 and 0-3 against the SEC. That was the ACC's performance on Sunday.

Two clubs, Georgia Tech and Clemson had chances to move onto the Super Regionals Sunday, but faltered against the SEC's Alabama and Auburn respectively.

Clemson has to be distraught after holding a 9-8 lead against Auburn going into the 9th, but the Tigers of the SEC rallied with three runs and won 11-9.

Alabama's Adam Morgan threw a complete game gem holding Georgia Tech to just one run. The left hander baffled Yellow Jacket batters all night.

Tech is now 21-8 against lefty starters this year (thanks to AJC for the stat). But do not be surprised one bit if the Tide put out another left hander tomorrow whatever his ERA. Morgan had an ERA of 6.04 coming into tonight.

Thus far, FSU looks like it will be the only team from the ACC to advance to the Super Regionals Sunday (they lead Oregon - live stats here). They will have four chances on Monday (maybe five if North Carolina can pull it out against Oklahoma).

The SEC already has Florida and South Carolina through and will have a chance for four more teams tomorrow.


  1. 6/6/10 Play

    UNC def. Oral Roberts
    VT def. Citadel
    TAMU def. Miami
    Auburn def. Clemson
    St. Johns def. UVA
    FSU def. Oregon
    USC def. VT
    Bama def. GT
    OU def. UNC

    So ACC was 3-6 on Sunday. ACC still has a chance to have most teams in Super Regional Play or least...

  2. I had forgotten about UNC over Oral Roberts earlier. Thanks. When I posted this UNC-Oklahoma was still in progress (and tied at the time)

    ACC is usually compared with the SEC for who has the strongest conference. And Sunday the ACC laid a stinkbomb. Especially Clemson.

    SEC is 1-0 right now head to head in Regional finals. We shall see...

    Thanks for the comment.


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