Monday, June 28, 2010

Comparing SEC Teams to the World Cup Teams

All the World Cup fever (and bad officiating) got me thinking of how SEC Football teams relate to World Cup teams. Some are easier comparisons than other, but I saved the best one for last.

Alabama - Brazil
Both teams have won the most titles in their sport. Both teams have had an iconic figure in the sport. Both have rabid fan followings who care about more than just the score, but also how you win.

Florida - Argentina
Both teams have won multiple championships. Both have had an iconic player who used God in some way to win a championship. Both have had arguably the best player of the last decade.

LSU - Italy
Both teams have had big success on the world stage. Both were disappointing in their recent big events. Both have had some luck in winning their most recent championship.

Georgia - Netherlands
Both are usually right there in the thick of things, but usually fall short. Both are sometimes forgotten when it comes to the elite, but really shouldn't be. Both teams do better when less is expected of them.

Auburn - Spain
Both have had success, but are still chasing the ultimate prize. Both can score a lot, but have trouble sometimes stopping the other team.

Tennessee - Germany
Both teams have limited built in advantages, but have been strong historically. Both are young right now, but the future looks bright.

Arkansas - Portugal
Both teams have one great player. Both teams are not consistent participants on the highest level, but once a while come up to bite you.

Ole Miss - France
Both were disappointing in their most recent big events. For both sometimes it is more about the atmosphere and ambience than the actual play.

Miss State - Mexico
Both have great home field advantages using various methods. Both have trouble getting their program beyond a certain point.

Kentucky - United States
Both would really rather be playing other sports, but once in a while make a run and capture the imagination of the fan base.

Vanderbilt - Host Nation
Both teams you want to see do well, but usually don't.

South Carolina - England
Both have rabid fan bases who come back year after year despite lackluster results on the big stage. Both teams have had great individual talents, but never seem to put it all together. Both have famous coaches who thus far have not gotten them to the promise land.


  1. Nice Creativity on this post. In particular the USA and Kentucky matchup is right on. Gonna make an ACC version?

  2. Clark,

    I like it, I didn't know you even knew how to spell Soccer.

  3. You have been underestimating me for as long as I have known you.


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