Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NBA Draft Posturing or Did DeMarcus Cousins Outplay Derrick Favors?

The two players mostly likely to go third overall in Thursdays NBA Draft to the New Jersey Nets matched up on Monday in a private workout.

Judging by the
comments from the closed workout, it would appear Kentucky product DeMarcus Cousins outplayed Georgia Tech's Derrick Favors.

Cousins impressed the Nets with his perimeter play, something we did not see in his one year under John Calipari.

"You got a chance to see Cousins step out and shoot the ball, because during the year -- like he should have been -- he was mostly on the block. He shoots it comfortably I think to 20 feet. I don't think that's a struggle for him whatsoever, and he'll probably be able to stretch that as he does it more and gets more repetition."

So says Nets scouting director Gregg Polisnky. The team's famous new Russian owner has said finding a power forward to compliment budding center Brook Lopez is priority number one. Cousins had projected more as a center before the workout, but now could combine with Lopez to form a frontline similar in size to that of the NBA Champion L.A. Lakers.

Of course this could all be posturing by the Nets to take the more athletic Favors who also brings a much better reputation for 'coachability'.

Who would you take if you are the Nets? The more athletic Favors or the more powerful Cousins?


  1. I read some things that Favors may even be a little out of shape. As talented and has much raw ability as he has, you just get the sense he doesn't always play at 100%. I'm not saying he's lazy, he's not, but you see him and he should dominate. It's something he'll have to grow into. He might need to add a little mean streak...

  2. I read the same about Favors and him being a little out of shape.

    He was out of shape for the first half of the season and it limited his ability I think.

    Maybe the bigger surprise is that there are no questions thus far on Cousins' fitness.

    The biggest thing with Favors is does he have the ability and will to completly take over a game. He started to show it and the end of the season, but only a few times.


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