Friday, June 11, 2010

Potential Trouble For Hightly Touted Georgia Commit Christian LeMay

One of the nation’s top rated QB recruits and Georgia commit Christian LeMay could miss half of senior season due to a school suspension. Not the news Georgia fans wanted to hear, but there is still a chance LeMay could receive a reduced suspension.

“LeMay is accused of breaking a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools' code of conduct rule, which could bring an out-of-school suspension that could last up to 30 days, sources said. He has a hearing Monday at the CMS East Learning Center.

A 30-day suspension would keep LeMay off the field until October. Butler is scheduled to play 11 regular-season games. Seven are before an Oct. 15 game at Ardrey Kell.”

No word from Head Coach Mark Richt yet, though there is precedence with recruit run-ins causing scholarships to be revoked. A few years back LB Dexter Moody was not granted admission to UGA after an incident his senior year thought that incident came on the heels of other concerns.

I highly doubt LeMay will have his offer revoked unless more severe incidents come to light and rightfully so.

You can read the comments on the site if you want more “insight” into supposedly what happened.

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