Monday, June 7, 2010

The SEC Gave Out $17 Million Per Team But UGA Gets $28 Million From Television

With all the talk of how television money is the driving factor behind expansion talk, some may be forgetting that outside of conference pools schools can negotiate their own local TV rights.

It may come as a surprise to some that the Georgia Bulldogs pull in the most money per year from local TV. UGA has a contract with ISP Sports that will pay them $92.8 million over 8 years; good for $11.6 million per year. The next highest is (the) Ohio State at $11 million per year.

So that means the Bulldogs pull in $28 million, not $17 million from television.

Team Speed Kills continues on
“The top of the SEC does make more than the bottom of the Big Ten, so consider that myth busted.

This makes up an under-reported dynamic of the duel between TV models. Big Ten schools have no game rebroadcast rights to sell, so that's why only two Big Ten schools are on that list. They can only sell coaches' shows and other ancillary content, so only the schools with the two most rabid fan bases rank highly. They have to share revenue from rebroadcasted games with everyone else in the conference. The bottom of the SEC doesn't get such a subsidy, while the top of the conference can negotiate lucrative deals with regional providers.”

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