Thursday, June 17, 2010

Top Georgia LB James Vaughters To Announce Today at 11AM; Georgia, Georgia Tech In His Final 5

Arguably the top defensive prospect in the state of Georgia will make a commitment today at 11AM.

James Vaughters of Tucket High School will choose between Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, Stanford, and Alabama a list he narrowed to a few weeks ago. He eliminated Florida, North Carolina, Southern Cal, and Texas.

Vaughters commented on each one of those schools in an interview with the AJC at that time. Here are the comments about Tech and UGA.

• Georgia: “Georgia is always high on my list because I’m around so many Georgia fans here in Tucker. It’s SEC football, which is seen as the highest stage in the NCAA. And they seem to be looking to get all the top players in Georgia to put together a team that can win a national championship. Their Dream Team concept makes sense to me.”

• Georgia Tech: “Georgia Tech is definitely a very good academic institution. Recently, I’ve moved away from business a little and I really like architecture and that’s engineering. It’s a school that’s close to home. I don’t see it as a problem to be close to my family and some of my friends.”

But the two in state schools have an uphill climb to make in my opinion. Evidently he thinks that Jim Tressel is the most likely of all five head coaches to be at the school his whole career. I wonder where he thinks Paul Johnson or Mark Richt are going?

The Bulldogs have had a pipeline from Tucker to Athens over the last decade from Patrick Pass to Asher Allen and many more. I cannot remember the last time Tech signed a player of significance from the Tucker program.

I think Vaughters final two is Stanford and Ohio State with the Buckeyes being the choice.

AJC will probably have an update on his selection here shortly after the announcement at 11AM. [Updated: It's Stanford]

James Vaughters You Tube Highlights

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