Sunday, July 4, 2010

How Much Does Damon Evans' Contract Play Into His Future?

UGA President Michael Adams is still mulling over what to do with AD Damon Evans in the wake of his DUI arrest and embarrassing police report.

But how much does Evans' contract play into Adams' decision? DawgPost has more on the new and very lucrative agreement that went into effect six minutes after the UGA AD was pulled over.

"Georgia president Michael Adams has limited options of what to do with Athletic Director Damon Evans – if Adams chooses to do anything – according to a recently-signed contract.

The contract stipulates that Adams does have the ability to remove Evans at any time, and without cause, but that action would be costly – perhaps potentially costing the University $2,950,000 if Evans remained unemployed until 2015 and did not agree to a settlement."

I don't think the contract should play into the decision to keep Evans or not. UGA has one of the largest and most profitable athletic departments in the nation. They have enough money to pay a buyout and hire a new AD, but is the pain and embarrassment caused by the incident enough motivation to spend that kind of coin? The more I read, the more I think motivation is growing.

Damon Evans' Full Contract

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