Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jim Harrick on Michael Adams: "He’ll go to hell for how he treated him"

I am going to assume it is just a coincidence that the Atlanta paper is running a "Where are they now?" segment on former UGA Basketball Coach Jim Harrick today with the Damon Evans arrest still fresh.

But just as Evans has drawn the ire of UGA President Michael Adams, so did Jim Harrick back in 2003. And the feeling is mutual.

“They can say what they want, but I have a letter from the NCAA that says I had nothing to do with the violations at Georgia,” Harrick said. “The thing I am bitter about is how the president of the University of Georgia treated my son. I’ll never get over that. He’ll go to hell for how he treated him.”

The article spells out that Harrick still has supporters in Athens. Many say UGA had absolutely nothing on Harrick, only his son who was an assistant coach.

Not a great 4th of July Weekend for Adams. First, the Damon Evans arrest and now Jim Harrick revisited.


  1. Maybe the penalty was harsh given to Harrick, but I don't feel sorry him and I especially don't feel sorry for Damon Evans.

    College Presidents have made it clear even at historically strong athletic programs that sports isn't going to overshadow academics. If something happens at school that's going to tarnish the academic reputation of university someone is going to take blame and pretty fast too.

    Well unless you're the USC Trojans.

  2. Most of the Harrick supporters mentioned in the article were also described as friends. His excuse for the PE class taught by his son was UGA begged Jim Harrick Jr to teach the class.

    Harrick Sr was not the main culprit in the whole ordeal, but he was the boss of the culprit.


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