Monday, July 12, 2010

NCAA Announces Format For 68 Team Tournament...Again Leaving Much To Be Desired From a Waning Fanbase

I was hoping they would let the final 8 at-large bids compete in the play-in games, but the NCAA has once again punished champions of the lower conferences.

"The final four at-large teams and final four automatic qualifiers in the newly minted 68-team NCAA men's basketball tournament field will meet for the right to enter the traditional 64-team draw, tournament selection committee chairman Dan Guerrero announced Monday."

The Alabama State's and Monmouth's of the world earned their way into the NCAA Tournament just as they were told to do. Don't punish them by not allowing these players to have a full March Madness experience.

Sorry Dayton, you are not what kids dream of in One Shining Moment.

The upsets of David over Goliath are what make the Tournament so special and although a 16 has never beaten a 1, just when they are getting closer and closer you put that 16 seed at an even bigger disadvantage having to play two games in 1 week.

And wouldn't the play-in games be much more appealing to have big conference teams going up against one another instead of Virginia Tech against East Tennessee St? We saw that game in November. Wait actually we didn't because it didn't really matter.

Also, I guess the NCAA did not care too much about the ratings for what they are calling the "First Four" because the games will be televised on TruTV (formerly Court TV made famous during the OJ Simpson trial).

Maybe sooner or later the NCAA will wake to the notion that college basketball is dying a slow death because of the one and done rule, Tournament expansion, and now further limiting the heart stopping upsets of March Madness.

Full Story Here From ESPN

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  1. Good take...

    WHile I'm glad the tournament didn't expand to 96 teams it does further dilute the experience for small conference team who earned their way. They say it doesn't but it does. Heck they aren't even on most people's brackets.


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