Monday, July 12, 2010

Some Thoughts On The Arrest of 2 UGA Players This Weekend

Been busy all weekend and just now getting around to posting something on the UGA arrests this weekend. The arrests of RB Dontavious Jackson and WR Tavarres King bring the off season total to 7...

Mark Richt has said in the past he was taking measures to make sure these incidents don't continue to happen. Whatever those measures are they don't seem to be working very well.

Richt may think he is being tough enough on offenders. Remember he coached for years under Bobby Bowden whom some saw as soft on punishment.

Either the Damon Evans arrest did not mean much to these players or else it is ancient history in their mind.

Dontavious Jackson was involved in the infamous cab altercation a few weeks ago. He was seen as a peacemaker in a volatile situation though.

Jackson's situation is much more severe than Tavarres King in my opinion though why is Jackson driving King's car in that state?

I have heard the excuse/complaint that Athens Police targets UGA athletes, but the basketball team has not had similar issues and neither has the baseball team (to a large extent). Honestly, I would think there are at least a few cops that are UGA fans and may actually look away in some cases. Does this sound unreasonable?

Most feel that this issue is with the individual player and I agree. Richt cannot hold their hand 24 hours a day. I think more severe punishment could make some players think twice. Maybe Richt needs to make an example out of one to get the point across. It isn't the fairest method of punishment, but the methods used recently have not been working very well.

But if UGA wins an SEC title this year or even wins the one will really care. Incidents like this matter when you are coming off an 8-5 season.

So there are my thoughts...

The AJC's Mark Bradley has his take on it.
"Say what you will about Mark Richt, but for more than a decade he has carried himself in a way that has conferred honor on UGA. He is, alas, only one man. He cannot make choices for 85 others. He can try to lead them, teach them, punish them when necessary, but in the end everything comes down to free will."

Original Story of arrests

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