Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Links

Mark Richt: “I’m excited about the defense, but there’s going to be a learning curve

Georgia Tech
GT Student Athletes Profiled: "I had a professor in my major, an older gentleman, who didn't quite understand that I was going to miss his class on a Thursday for a football game, he didn't understand the priority," Bedford said.

Final Baseball Poll has the Yellow Jackets at #16, two spots ahead of Alabama, but a far cry from their top 5 preseason ranking

Paul Johnson is trying to convince Scott Blair that he is kicking against Clemson every week

Paul Hewitt picks up the Sun Belt Freshman of the Year, but he is not 6'9" and he is not eligible until next year

Former Oregon QB and laptop stealer/marijuana smoker could be headed to an SEC school

How breaking his foot may have helped Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett improve his accuracy

Miss State comes in at #62 in the Orlando Sentinel countdown, ahead of Georgia and "the school up north" as Dan Mulllen would say

NC State's basketball team has the talent, but what else?

Shakin the Southland is calling for baseball coach Jack Leggett to resign. Coincidence it comes the day after South Carolina wins a national championship?

A Miami Basketball Preview

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