Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ACC Standings Predictions

The ACC team previews are complete. Thanks again to all the bloggers that participated.

You may have noticed how I listed the teams finish in their Division ties included. Well here are my final standings predictions.

In the Atlantic, I have FSU winning the Atlantic over BC and Clemson. I have BC winning the tiebreaker over Clemson for 2nd due to their head-to-head win. Same goes for Maryland in 4th over Wake Forest.

I had a three-way tie at the top of the Coastal Division with Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Miami. I have the Hokies winning the Division for two reasons: 1) I think they have the best chance of beating both of the other two (Miami and GT in this case) 2) I think they finish the highest in the BCS. Those two together make me think that VT will be in Charlotte.

I would give Georgia Tech the next best chance because I think their chances of beating Virginia Tech are better than losing to Miami.

For the ACC Championship I have Virginia Tech over Florida State propelling the Hokies to the BCS.

A second team in the BCS would likely need to have 10 wins and I don’t see that this year. FSU and Georgia Tech have the best chances, but would need a big out of conference win to do so. Miami’s out of conference is so tough I think it will keep them out.

Here are links to each of the team previews in case you missed any.

Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech
Wake Forest
NC State
North Carolina
Boston College


  1. Pretty reasonable predictions. I'm not sure FSU's defense is good enough to get them 7 ACC Wins.

    They do benefit from having Clemson and BC come to them. I'm looking at them finishing 5-3 or 6-2 in the ACC.

    I also like the Hokies to win the Coastal.

  2. I would agree aboutt FSU and 7 wins. The most unsure pick I have in the ACC. But their schedule sets up so well this year.


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