Monday, August 30, 2010

Dwyer's NFL Struggles May Hurt Georgia Tech Recruiting -

My most recent Georgia Tech contribution is up on discussing how former Yellow Jacket great Jonathan Dwyer's NFL struggles could effect Tech's recruiting.

"Recruits saw the success Dwyer had the past two seasons and wanted to be a part of it. The biggest recruiting positive for running backs in Johnson’s system is the amount of carries they would get. But if his first featured back at the BCS level gets cut before his first game you can make certain opposing coaches will note that to future recruits. "


And even after an 80 yard rushing night in relief against Denver, Dwyer still can't earn the praise of his head coach.

"Asked about Dwyer’s performance, Tomlin brushed it off as “down the line guys vs. down the line guys,’’ and said stats can be inflated under those circumstances."
Read more at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Except Dwyer wasn't recruited by Johnson. He was a Gailey recruit. Also, this is about work ethic, not his ability as a runner.

  2. Perception is reality sometimes.

    If Dwyer struggles, it won't look fondly on Georgia Tech's offense from an outside perspective (i.e. a 17 year old high school kid).

    And most importantly, opposing coaches are going to use it against GT. Just like the Calculus book.

  3. Anonymous10:02 PM

    As if opposing coaches haven't been claiming stuff like that about their rivals since the dawn of time.

    For every 17-year old kid that can be manipulated by that sort of stuff, there's another who's turned off by the attempt. High school kids, even football players, aren't stamped out by a machine. If they were Tech never would have recruited Stephen Hill.

  4. This has more to do with Dwyer and his work ethic than Paul Johnson's system. Most NFL draft guys realize this. His combine numbers hurt him too.

    You run fast and do well at the pre-draft stuff and you're fine. This won't hurt recruiting at all.

  5. "This has more to do with Dwyer and his work ethic than Paul Johnson's system."

    How is Paul Johnson going to handle this statement on the recruiting trail?

    Is he going to put down the work ethic of one of his top former players in front of a recruit?

    Dwyer's lack of success (so far) puts Johnson in a tough place I think.


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