Sunday, August 15, 2010

Georgia Tech's Joshua Nesbitt And Arkansas' Ryan Mallett Featured on

ESPN's College Football Page has a story up on their front page about the variety of QBs in the college game.

Georgia Tech's Joshua Nesbitt is featured for the 'Runner' QB while Ryan Mallett of Arkansas is profiled for the 'Pro-Style'.

GT A-Back Roddy Jones describes his teammate:
As Nesbitt enters his final season, he does so with the best grasp of the offense he has had since taking over the position three years ago. Although the Jackets lost their leading rusher and receiver from last year’s ACC championship team, they retained the heart of their offense.

“Last year he ran the ball a lot more than the year before, partially because he knows that teams were trying to take away Jonathan (Dwyer), and they were trying to take away the pitches because of the home run threat,” said A-back Roddy Jones. “He had to put the team on his back a couple of times, and just run it down teams’ throats and he was willing to do that.”

Ivan Maisel writes the feature story: No exact science in creating college QB

(Forewarning that Nesbitt's story is written by Heather Dinich, who is not my favorite writer by any stretch).

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