Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home Field Advantage? Don't Tell That To UGA or Georgia Tech

Phil Steele has a post up comparing comparing teams home vs away record this decade and ranked the difference.

Troy had the biggest "home field advantage" with a 50% percent between home and away records. Not to surprising considering the Trojans played a lot of tough road games.

Georgia Tech was way down the list with only a 9.46% home versus away difference - 69.84% vs 60.38% good for 112th.

Overall, home teams won 63.4% of the games, but one team actually had a better road winning percentage than home. UGA.

The Bulldogs won 80.95% of the time in Sanford Stadium and 81.40 on the road. Neutral site games like Jacksonville were not counted.

And guess what Tech fans? Week two opponent Kansas finished #6 with a 37.55% difference at home. Suddenly, I am not as confident about that as a win.

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