Monday, August 16, 2010

Talent on SEC Rosters by Average Star Ranking From SEC Blogger Team Speed Kills

SEC Blogger Team Speed Kills takes a look at the roster for each of the SEC teams by averaging recruiting rankings of each player on each roster.

Some of their comments I found noteworthy:
  • It is not a big surprise seeing the two conference kingpins at the top, but look at Georgia. That's not the sort of score you'd expect to see from a team that went 8-5 last year. That goes to show just how badly its defensive execution and scheme was holding the Bulldogs back. From top to bottom, UGA has enough talent to be at the top.
  • Only Bama cracks an average four-star rating, which is really saying something. If you want a reason why Alabama's expected to weather its losses so well, there it is. It would be the highest ranked unit in the conference if not for...
  • Anyway, LSU really doesn't have much of an excuse for fielding another putrid offense. Georgia has the potential to be great if it doesn't turn it over as much as it did last year

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