Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Absurdity of The Polls Witnessed

The polls are out and just like reality TV, if you lose then you are out.

North Carolina was missing 15 players against LSU on Saturday night, including nearly half of their starting lineup, and almost beat the 21st ranked Tigers with two chances from the six yard line to win.

Bettors jumped on LSU once word came out about the amount and quality of players the Tar Heels would be without moving the line from even to -6.5. And I would bet that spread was not close to even money around game time.

So UNC covers the spread and nearly wins the game and what is their reward? Dropping from 18th all the way to 30th.

Meanwhile, Michigan went from 0 votes last week to 71 this week and is knocking on the door at #26. That jump was propelled by beating the 31st ranked team last week, UConn.

Pollspeak.com has names (but not addresses or cell phones) of who bamboozled the Heels (and no, it is not John Blake)

Watch out UGA and South Carolina one of you is next.

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