Sunday, September 26, 2010

ACC Leads Conferences in NFL Captains; UGA Leads All Teams

Interesting story from the Dallas Morning News about NFL captains.

"The NFL looks to the Big Ten for blockers and the SEC for speed. It looks to the Pac 10 for safeties and the Big 12 for receivers. But the NFL looks to the ACC for its leaders. "

The ACC has 26 team captains in the NFL followed by the SEC with 20. The Big East has just four.

Georgia leads all schools with 6 captains. One of those, the Lions Matthew Stafford, gives credit to Mark Richt.

“We have a great coach, a great leader at Georgia (Mark Richt),” Stafford said. “It probably rubs off on us.”

Richt's leadership qualities are being pushed now more than ever with a 0-3 start in the SEC.

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