Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arkansas 31 Georgia 24: What They're Saying

  • I watched Hot Tub Time Machine last night (unedited version - highly recommended). UGA set the clock back to the Ray Goff era starting 0-2 in the SEC for the first time since 1993.
  • "People might be able to say some long-term goals are out of [reach] now," linebacker Christian Robinson said, "but I think we still can do some great things" said to the AJC. I still see beating Florida, Auburn, and Georgia Tech as potential accomplishments, but winning the SEC is likely out because....
  • Chris Low points out that no team has won the SEC East starting 0-2
  • "It was one of those something’s-wrong-with-Georgia discussions, which was fine, but the two proceeded to get into an argument started by moron #1′s assertion that teams aren’t afraid to play Georgia. With all due respect to the intellectual power on display, that ain’t Georgia’s problem right now. Georgia’s problem is the exact opposite, in fact. Georgia’s afraid of taking risks." Senator Blutarsky weighs in. Always a must read.
  • “Sometimes he likes to hold onto the ball a little bit. That’s being young,” said Bobo, Georgia’s offensive coordinator. “You got to drop back there. You got to look at it. You got to cut it loose. He’s going to learn." Mike Bobo kinda throws Aaron Murray under the bus and forgets its his job to teach the QB what to do.
  • Photos of the game
  • "The head coach (Mark Richt) is 2-6 in his past eight SEC games. The vaunted offensive line coach (Stacy Searels) frankly hasn’t done bupkis since his arrival." I agree, Searles has been a big disappointment outside of the Georgia Tech game last year.
  • "Georgia's locker room stayed closed for longer than usual after the game. After most of the team was excused, the players and coaches requested by the media stayed in the room, and it didn't open again for about another 10 minutes. When we did get in, we encountered a team clearly refocusing its goals." Macon's Seth Emerson does his best Ines Sainz imitation with locker room reporting.
  • "But here are the facts: the Hogs just notched their first road win in nearly two years. They just notched a road win against one of the SEC's signature programs. They just won a game that many of us said they had to win in order for them to have the season that we all want them to." Arkansas Expats Blog gives their take.
  • Sorry about the Ines Sainz link

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