Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Auburn Fans Don't Bother Showing Up In Tuscaloosa For The Iron Bowl

EA Sports NCAA Football '11 site is starting a series of rivalry simulations.

First up was the Iron Bowl.

"The winning team of the Iron Bowl takes home the ODK-Foy Sportsmanship Award, named after James E. Foy-who ironically has ties to both schools, as he graduated from Alabama before filling the role of Dean of Students for Alabama and then Auburn-and the honor society Omicron Delta Kappa, which has a chapter at each school. The award has been presented since 1948."

Didn't know that.

Auburn saw a lot of this in 41-0 loss topping the actual 36-0 loss in 2008. But what should really sting Tiger fans is Alabama kicked a FG will 0:01 to go just to pad the stats.

I am sure Paul Finebaum will have much to say on this game. In fact, here he is.

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