Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Audio Links: Jon Tenuta, NC State LB Coach and Former Tennessee Coach Johnny Majors

Jon Tenuta, Linebackers coach at NC State, did an interview with Chuck and Chernoff of Atlanta's 680 The Fan discussing the upcoming game against Georgia Tech.

For those that don't know, Tenuta was Defensive Coordinator at Georgia Tech from 2003-2007 under Chan Gailey and was the Interim Head Coach in the 2007 bowl game.

He left to be Notre Dame's DC shortly afterwards. Supposedly he was offered the DC position by Johnson, but turned it down. Murky water there I think.

Tech fans will remember Tenuta's boom or bust defensive style of zone fire blitzes nearly every play that would result in a tackle for a loss or a big play by the offense.

He is just the LB coach at State, but I think he is more involved in the defense than just a position coach.

His blitzing style will be very interesting going up against Paul Johnson's spread. I have not seen a team try to blitz it yet on a non-obvious passing down.

Former UT Coach Johnny Majors was also on discussing his dislike for Phil Fulmer (more on that in a minute) and liking to Lane Kiffin.

I think Kiffin gets kind of a bad rap. He is not a bad coach. And yes his dad's pedigree has probably helped him land the jobs he has, but so had Derek Dooley's. Kiffin did what he had to do to get people talking about the Volunteer program again after Fulmer nearly ran it into the ground.

And Kiffin's wife ain't bad looking either.

Back to Fulmer. He and Majors probably aren't sending Christmas cards to each other after what transpired at the end of Majors' coaching career in Knoxvile.

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