Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big 10 Misses Out On Golden Chance With Division Alignment

The Big 10 had a chance to make the one of the biggest games and rivalries in college football and make it even bigger.

But after the announcement of the two division lineups, the new 12 team conference fell into the same trap the ACC did.

When the ACC expanded to their current format the placed the two top programs, FSU and Miami, in separate divisions so the two could play for the conference title.

A very short sighted move by the ACC if you ask me because you never know what programs futures will be. Who would have thought FSU would have taken the nose dive they did the last five seasons? And how about Michigan going 8-16 the last two seasons after 33 straight bowl games?

Five years later, Miami and FSU have yet to meet in the title game and the Hurricanes have yet to appear once.

Michigan and Ohio State have played for the Big 10 title numerous times. Even if they were put in the same divisions they still could have played for the title.

Now the two could play one week and then play again the next week. So the winner of the first game means nothing. It would have been like putting Michigan in the 2007 BCS Championship Game.

Playing in the same division you could have set up an elimination game between the two for the right to play for the conference championship and made the rivalry some call the best in the nation even bigger.

How I would have split the divisions:
Michigan..... Nebraska
Ohio State..... Penn State
Wisconsin..... Iowa
Indiana..... Michigan State
Illinois..... Northwestern
Purdue..... Minnesota

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