Wednesday, September 29, 2010

David Pollack Says Georgia Tech's Defense Will Always Struggle

The former UGA Defensive End who is now a host on 790 The Zone in addition to stints on ESPNU's The Experts says Georgia Tech's defense will always struggle because of their offense.

Pollack says no matter if it's Al Groh or Nick Saban the defense is going to struggle because they practice against an unconventional offense.

He has some ammo with the way the defense has played the last three years, but doesn't he realize that Tech's defense goes against the scout team offense in practice and not the regular first team?



  1. No, he doesn't realize this. You would think so, since that's what every team does. Coaches are the first to admit they hate scrimmages because there's an increase in players getting hurt and practice is more about working on schemes and fundamentals that trying to simulate "mental toughness."

    But then, I remember that Pollack holds a degree from UGA. I take any of his analysis in the same light as a five year old's.

  2. dcyellowjacket8:48 AM

    Actually, the defense was pretty good in 2008, ranking 26th overall in total D and 28th in scoring D, even though Tech was running this offense. The difference was we had better players. And PJ has had good defense at GSU and Navy.

    Not that evidence matters to someone like Pollack. 790's ratings are in the tank, so he tries to stir up crap however he can. Of course the station's problem is that outside of the new Durham/Barnhart show, the "talent" stinks. They barely talk about sports other than gossiping about players and coaches.


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