Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did UGA's Decline Begin With Urban Meyer's Arrival?

That is what Sports by Brooks suggests. Brooks, who is a UGA alum, gives more credit to Florida coach Urban Meyer than he discredits Mark Richt.

"When Richt was coaching the Bulldogs without Urban Meyer at Florida, Nick Saban at Alabama and Les Miles at LSU, Georgia was stellar in the Southeastern Conference from 2001-04. In those four seasons, Richt won two SEC Championships while losing in the SEC title game another year.

He was an impressive 42-10 over and 22-8 in the league and it looked like UGA was finally on the brink of breaking through the glass ceiling that’s forever plagued the Bulldog program.

Then Florida hired Meyer."

One correction though...Nick Saban was at LSU though during that same period.

"The Bulldogs have the donors, geographic recruiting base, amenable admission standards, facilities, fan support and national profile to contend for a national championship consistently. Unlike many SEC schools and otherwise, the Bulldogs have no inherent disadvantages preventing them from becoming what Florida is right now. Or Alabama.

Except their current coach."

Agreed on all accounts. I don't think Richt is as good of a coach as Meyer or Saban, but not many coaches are.

The problem is that Richt has not maintained third placed instead letting others with lesser credentials and less advantages pass him.

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