Sunday, September 19, 2010

Georgia Tech 30 North Carolina 24: What They're Saying

  • Slideshow from the Charlotte Observer
  • "Hey, where have I seen that score before? Oh, that’s right! It was the last game UNC played." The Tar Heel Fan Blog weighs in on the game.
  • "They played hard; they played like they wanted to win," said coach Paul Johnson, who hasn't lost back-to-back games since he took over at Tech. The AJC Game Report.
  • "In light of Saturday’s 30-24 win at North Carolina, in which they got to watch 57 of 69 plays in one extended stretch from the solace of the sideline, the members of the Georgia Tech defense just might treat the ball-hogging offense to a steak dinner." AJC story on Tech offense.
  • “The encouraging thing,” Paul Johnson said, “was that we played like Georgia Tech.” AJC Columnist Mark Bradley weighs in.
  • “Anytime you win I’m happy. It’s hard to win. Anybody that takes winning for granted isn’t very smart because it’s hard to win. I don’t think in my three years here we’ve ever had any easy wins. They’re all hard.” Quotes from Johnson, Butch Davis, Tech players after the game.
  • “I guess you could say that,” Jones said. “As A-backs, you could be blocking one minute and going out for a pass the next. You’ve got to be ready.” Jones had not caught a pass in a long, long time.
  • "It's become clear that Carolina fans are going to be watching a lot games this season and wondering what could have been." Carolina March weighs in.

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