Monday, September 13, 2010

How Kansas Contained The Georgia Tech Triple Option

From Rock Chalk Talk.

The first thing I notice from their screen shots is how far off the line of scrimmage - nearly 7 yards back. I think this is to give the linebackers more room to roam and make a tackle. But you wonder why Tech was not able to run the dive better with Anthony Allen.

Second thing is how far off the corners are. Last year, this would be an immediate pass to Demaryius Thomas who would likely break a tackle for a first down gain.

Now this is just one play dissected, but I consistently noticed how Kansas' linebackers were getting off blocks and making plays.
I also noticed how Tech did not use the quick pass when corners were firing from the side.

Rock Chalk continues.
"The result was a gamble based on the assumption that Tech couldn't consistently pass. It wasn't perfect and Tech still put up some yards, but it was effective enough in a bend but don't break style and came up with several big stops throughout the game"

I think it was more so Tech's poor blocking at the second level and on the edge that allowed Kansas to have so many tacklers running free, but...

I would love to hear more from those who know more about the spread offense Tech uses and how Kansas defended it.

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