Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"I don't know of any coach in the country that does a better job of trying to keep his boys out of trouble than Mark"

That was answer given by Bobby Bowden to the AJC's Ken Sugiura in an interview at the Touchdown Club of Atlanta.

Bowden continues...
"To me, one of the biggest problems we've got, some of them are not getting the training at home. Just think about it. Here's a kid that's raised by his parents 17, 18 years. Then he comes to Florida State, gets in trouble.

The parents say, ‘Why can't you keep my kid out of trouble?' I say, ‘Look, you had him for 18 years. I've had him one. Give me time. I'll get it straightened out.' That's kind of the way it's going now."

UGA won the Fulmer Cup this year for an arrest tally that reached nine players in the off season.

Bobby says Richt is as good as there is in discipline. Most of the off season problems were minor incidents, but this is not the first Summer UGA had issues with the law.

So is Mark Richt recruiting undisciplined kids? Is the Athens police unfairly targeting athletes? Or is Bowden simply sticking up for one of his own?


  1. I'm not really sure that the former ball coach at F$U (AKA Free Shoes U.) is really the best person to comment.

  2. In almost every interview since the book came out, Bowden has been asked about his discipline.

    He says he viewed himself as a father figure to these players and didn't want to give up on a kid, much like his father didn't give up on him.

    I personally think Richt is very similar and rightly or wrongly his players do not truly fear his wrath or punishment.


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