Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is Lane Kiffin Throwing The Next Two Seasons At USC Out?

USC kicks off its 2010 season in Hawaii late on Thursday night. I hope to stay up and watch at least the first half.

I think most people in the SEC are hoping Lane Kiffin fails miserably.

I hoping for that exact opposite.

I hope the Trojans flourish, but I am not sure they will.

The talk out of LA has been of sticking together and proving people wrong in this time of turmoil..making the most of a bad situation.

Well, it seems Kiffin is already planning for the future shuttling All Pac 10 Player Chris Galippo to second team in favor of a sophomore.

USC will likely beat Hawaii without much difficulty, but what happens in the first difficult spot they face? It remains to be seen how far the knowledge of playing only for themselves will get them.

What would you want your program to do if two years probation hit? Try to win as many games as you could or groom the young players for the future?

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