Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SEC Power Poll Week 3

I failed again this week to submit my rankings to the SEC Power Poll even after setting a reminder for myself.

The much more organized participants have their compiled results up here.

Here would have been rankings anyways.

1. Alabama

2. Florida
When push comes to shove, the Gators still find a way. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt right now until proven otherwise.

3. Arkansas
Went on the road and beat UGA. That looks better than beating them at home...

4. South Carolina
...which the Gamecocks did the previous week. South Carolina missed the spread against Furman by 14 points which I was very happy about (because I took Furman).

5. Auburn
Gene Chizik's club showed a lot of fight coming back from down 17 to beat Clemson in overtime.

6. LSU
Tigers actually beat Miss State by much more than I thought, but it was hard to tell if LSU was that much better or Miss State just played that badly.

7. Georgia
Victim of a tough schedule or just a mediocre team in the SEC? I think it's a little bit of both

8. Kentucky
You have looked great and haven't really played anyone.

9. Miss State
You have looked not very good, but have actually played a pretty schedule.

10. Tennessee
Same as Miss State though I don't see as much upside based on the QB and a first year SEC coach.

11. Vanderbilt
I was very wrong that Vandy was worse than Ole Miss

12. Houston Nutt & Jeremiah Masoli
I am not even sure Ole Miss deserves to even be mentioned in an SEC power ranking right now.

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