Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SEC Power Poll Week 4: Mission Accomplished

I have missed out on submitting this the last two weeks, even though the poll was nice enough to include me last week.

Here it is.

1. Alabama
Greg McElroy got knocked around a little bit on Saturday. So much so it actually jogged his memory to the last time he lost a game as starter.

2. Auburn
Either Auburn has the most uplifting crowd in the country or the Tigers are the best conditioned team in the nation. I didn't think the Tigers could do it again after playing a very physical game the previous week.

3. Florida
Florida's performance on Saturday makes me wonder if the Gators were just playing coy until they absolutely had to with Alabama next week.

4. Arkansas
Saturday's game stayed true to form. Champions win game. Contenders lose them. Although improved Arkansas is still just a contender.

5. South Carolina
Quote from a coworker today: "Yeah South Carolina always has one of those games that slips away every year. Kinda makes a bitter fan"

6. LSU
Hey Les, they were booing Jordan Jefferson, not you. Ok, they were probably booing you too.

7. Miss State
Was the win over UGA a turning point in Dan Mullen's transformation of Miss State football? Or is UGA just bad?

8. Kentucky
Florida was just a slight up from opponents like Akron and Western Kentucky and it showed.

9. Georgia
Don't bother going to the store because all the milk and bread are gone from the shelves in Athens. Start building the fallout shelter. UGA is 0-3 in the SEC.

10. Vanderbilt
If Robbie Caldwell is talking, I am listening. I hope he stays around just for the sound bites.

11. Tennessee
I really thought Tennessee would cover the 14 point spread and I was even more certain at halftime. Too bad for Tennessee you have to play two halves in a game. If not they might be 4-0 right now.

12. Ole Miss
Thank you for not embarrassing the SEC this week.

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