Saturday, September 4, 2010

UGA's Alec Ogeltree, Washaun Ealey Illustrate Why You Schedule An Easy Opener

Over the past two weeks UGA had two football players arrested (Washaun Ealey- hit and run and Alec Ogeltree - theft) that will be suspended for the first game.

Shouldn't be a big loss considering the Bulldogs are playing Louisiana-Lafeyette (formerly called SW Louisiana).

The arrest and subsequent suspensions illustrates why it is smart to play a patsy in your first game. Especially in the SEC where you are already playing the toughest conference schedule in the nation.

College coaches are under immense pressure to be accountable for each of their players' actions, and while I agree with the AJC's Jeff Schultz the situation at UGA has gotten out of hand, most programs have very little problems.

If this were the NFL, a minor infraction would result in a fine and the situation is resolved. Well, you can't fine a college player because they are not being paid (cough).

More importantly, the NFL has pre season games that dont' count to get your team ready for the regular season.

Your first live scrimmage in college is a regular season game that could determine your season's fate. I would want a little tuneup regardless of any suspensions before I go play an Ohio State or Virginia Tech team.

Sometimes a player slips up and makes a dumb mistake. Then a coach has to suspend his player for the first game if not more.

If a team schedules a BCS contender for their opener they have no tuneup to get prepared and could possibly be without a star due to infractions.

Until the BCS truly factors in strength of schedule, and not mostly preseason rankings, expect more patsies from smart coaches and Athletic Directors.

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