Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SEC Power Poll Week 5: Is Georgia The Worst Team In The SEC?


1. Alabama
I think the Tide might be a slight favorite against the Buffalo Bills right now.

2. Auburn
Your character is defined by your actions when no one is looking and Auburn sure looked good against La-Monroe.

3. Arkansas
Suddenly after watching Florida play Alabama, Arkansas' meltdown does not look nearly as bad.

4. Florida
Gator fans should take solace that they still have a great chance to get a rematch with Alabama, if they still want one.

5. South Carolina
With the rest of the East down, this has to be South Carolina's year if they are ever going to win it. I think they have a shot against Alabama coming off a bye week.

6. LSU
Les Miles and I have something in common. We both pick our noses at work. Though I am better at time management.

7. Miss State
The Houston game this week looks a whole lot easier with their top two QBs out. Don't embarrass the SEC Bulldogs.

8. Tennessee
Derek Dooley out Les Milesed Les Miles.

9. Ole Miss
I am voting for Hotty Toddy as the nickname. Oh yeah, nice win at home over Kentucky.

10. Kentucky
If Joker Phillips is going to move the Wildcat program forward and out of the 7 win season mode, he has to win beat teams when they are down like Ole Miss.

11. Georgia
Louisiana-Lafayette wants a rematch.

12. Vanderbilt
Well, maybe Vandy will keep Robbie Caldwell around as a spokesman. I don't think he will be head coach with blowout losses to UConn.

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  1. WOW Georgia 11th, but can anyone disagree? Marc Richt's seat is getting warm. The Dawgs had their chance in 2008 when they entered the year in some polls number one and lost 4 games. THey haven't been the same since.

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