Monday, October 18, 2010

SEC Power Poll

1. Auburn
Fortunately for Auburn their offense is improving at a faster
rate than their defense is declining.

2. Alabama
The Tide looked unispred for most of the game against Ole
Miss. Not the performance I was expecting after their loss
but they move up because of other teams failures this week.

3. LSU
I thought the next time I would see Jarrett Lee after his
freshman year performance was on the back of a milk carton.
Nice career rebound.

4. South Carolina
Saturday's loss to Kentucky captured the last 100 years of
South Carolina football in one game. A chance to put the
nail in the coffin only to throw it away.

5. Arkansas
The defense did not allow any more points during the bye

6. Kentucky
It just wouldn't be a home game for Kentucky if it didn't
come down to a last second play.

7. Miss State
Dan Mullen is a really good coach, but lets hold off on the "he was the sole reason Florida won" talk.

8. Georgia
AJ Green really screwed Georgia's season. If they have him
the whole season they are probably running away with the East
right now.

9. Florida

The Gators problems come down to a lack of identity on
offense. They want to play the drop back passer, but don't
want to throw downfield. Just play Trey Burton if you are
going to do that.

10. Ole Miss

I love animals dressed up in human clothes as mascots.

11. Tennessee

I think Derek Dooley is hoping his old boss takes it easy on
him this week.

12. Vanderbilt
Vandy didn't look they were playing to win Saturday
especially after the punted from UGA's 37 on 4th and 2 on
their first drive. Vandy fans deserve better than that.

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