Sunday, November 21, 2010

5 Thoughts on Georgia Tech's Unglamourous Win Over Duke

Georgia Tech defeated Duke 30-20 and in the process became bowl eligible for the 14th straight year.  Tech fans were hoping this would be the game where everything would come together in a rout after last week’s dismal performance and a step down in competition this week.  Yet, Tech almost found themselves going to Athens next week in the same predicament as UGA: needing a win to become bowl eligible.  Here are five thoughts foremost in my mind about the Duke win.

1. The Front Seven Still Cannot Get Off Blocks
Duke came into Saturday’s game with the worst rushing offense in league games averaging 101 yards per game.  While Tech did “hold” Duke to 109 yards rushing the key stat to look at is the Blue Devils average per rush which was 4.4 on Saturday.  On the season, Duke has been gaining just 3.1 per rush.

Al Groh’s 3-4 defense uses a two gap alignment for the defensive line where each player is responsible for the gap on either side of him.  This scheme tries to keep the linebackers free to make plays, but since nobody in the front seven can consistently get off blocks then opposing teams continue to run at will.  Tech will somehow have to magically get better if they are going to hold UGA to under 300 yards rushing next weekend.
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